itel Mobiles: The Magic Of AI For Battery Management

We have been in this kind of situation before and we at itel mobiles care for you!

You would usually be using multiple apps, shuffling between browsers, video and social media apps on a full charge. And after a couple of hours of talking to your friends, doing daily chores and watching that sports game online, your phone will show you the dreaded notification:

Battery level at 10%. Please recharge your phones.


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It’s not pleasant, but all the apps you had been using before were sucking the battery power of the device in the background, even when you were not using your phone.

Battery drain is a huge source of discomfort for many smartphone users. As devices come out with the latest operating systems and apps that need more power, many people have complained about a sharp drain in battery lives.


Looking at this carefully, the Android team worked with the Alphabet’s DeepMind and rolled out an innovative and smart Artificial Intelligence system that makes the operating system smarter at managing battery consumption on your device.


The feature is called “Adaptive Battery” and it does not simply boost your battery power, but analyses the usage habits on your device first. It monitors the usual battery consumption trends, identifies the applications running in the background, along with inactive processes that are using more battery than needed, and optimizes power according to the apps you use the most. And it’s doing all of that by utilizing smart machine learning habits from the AI.


It’s also able to predict which apps you will use in the future, by easily analyzing usage trends. This way you can keep your smart-phones running for longer without worrying about which apps to uninstall for fear of battery drain.

Itel mobiles is always looking to add more magic to people’s lives by giving them a better smartphone experience. This is why the itel Vision 1 smartphone comes equipped with the smart “AI Power Master”, based on Android’s Adaptive Battery feature.


The itel Mobile already comes with a Big 4000mAh high capacity battery that gives you great power backup for all your entertainment needs. With more than 24 hours of long-lasting usage, you get a lot power to do a lot more on a single charge. And the AI Power Master inside the Vision 1 goes a step further: intelligently saving even more power by freezing inactive apps running in the background after smartly deducing your usage patterns.

With better and more efficient battery management, the itel Phones is able to extend the battery life by up to 35%. So you can have more peace of mind without experiencing frequent charging requirements.


With Artificial Intelligence powering a new and improved way of power management, it now understands you much better than before. Apart from a host of other brilliant features like the HD+ Waterdrop display and AI-enabled Dual Camera, Vision 1 smartphone has become smarter and more personalized for you.

Now worry less, explore more and make all your moments more magical with itel Phones by your side.

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