How itel’s Big Screen Phones Offer You Great Viewing Experience?

For a better viewing experience, big screen phones are preferred by people. And buying a new smartphone is a tough decision nowadays. What with so many brands coming up in a wide range of features for every smartphone. With brands rolling our devices that have even bigger batteries, or bigger storage, you really are spoiled for choice whatever your desires may be.


But if you are someone who is glued to their screens, and binge watches shows, movies or games on their smartphones, then you don’t have to look any further for big screen phones. We at itel mobiles know that you’re really looking for a fantastic display that makes your viewing experience seamless and amazing, and we are here to present itel’s magical range of smartphones that will blow you away with their brilliant visual experience.


We are listing below two of itel’s best smartphones under 7000 in the market right now that will exceed your expectations and cater to any of your needs with absolute ease. Because our aim is to showcase the best of itel’s technology so that all your requirements can be fulfilled easily.


itel Vision 1


 The itel Vision 1 will let you enjoy an amazing viewing time wherever you may go, thanks to the next-gen display technology equipped inside. With a big screen designed for unlimited entertainment for all, have a great cinematic viewing time with the 15.46 cm (6.088”) HD+ IPS Waterdrop display with 19.5:9 wide aspect ratio. And you can have a truly immersive experience with the Big Waterdrop Display, whose design makes the viewing area much larger than what would be for other displays while keeping the size of the phone still compact and handy for you to use.


The HD+ IPS display on the itel Vision 1 gives users a 178 degree wide-angle viewing for a grand group watching experience while also being very energy efficient. In-plane switching, or IPS, is the latest Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology that offers better colour accuracy, better sharpness and clarity than other displays and wider viewing angles so that you can have a great time whether you are catering to your multimedia needs or playing mobile games with your friends on the go. It’s able to do so by giving an impression of more pixels being packed together. If all that was not enough, the Incell technology offers a more responsive touchscreen experience, for smooth and seamless operation anytime.

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Furthermore, you need a brighter display to see your favourite videos really come to life, and we’re here to prove you’re getting the best pick of our big screen phones with its ideal aspect ratio. The 500 nits brighter screen on the Vision 1 will make sure that you get a great entertainment experience ensuring clear visibility even in outdoor sunlight. The 19.5:9 wide aspect ratio lets you have an easier and more pleasing visual experience with Ultra Slim Bezels.


And you can keep on bingeing with your favourites with the 4000mAh high capacity battery with AI Power Master that lets you enjoy all your media needs with more than 24 hours of long-lasting usage. It is also loaded with exceptional features in other areas that will make your life smarter and faster with the brilliant technology inside. The amazing 8MP AI Dual Rear Camera lets you take artistic portraits and HDR quality shots with amazing clarity, while the LED Flash makes sure that all your images come out bright and clear, even in low light. The Big Pixel Selfie Camera enhances your selfie experience and makes sure every selfie comes out in vivid colour. And the superb AI capability makes it possible to do much more with the Vision 1 than just point and shoot.

The itel Vision 1 is a truly brilliant smartphone that will tick all the boxes for your every need and bring magic into your hands.


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itel A46


The itel A46 has a 13.84cm (5.45”) HD+ IPS Full Screen display. The bright and colourful full-screen display gets highlighted further when you take the ultra-thin bezels into consideration because we want you to have a wonderful experience without having any annoying bezels blocking your view. You also get to experience wider viewing angles with the HD+ IPS display giving you bright colours for brighter moments.


The itel A46 Smartphone offers a full screen HD+ with 1440 x 720 resolution And comes with an ideal 18:9 aspect ratio for watching all your favourite videos. The aspect ratio will be very handy for people who are actively working to improve their split-screen mobile productivity. And as mentioned above, the HD+ IPS display means that your game evenings with your friends will be greatly enjoyed by everyone around you through amazing wide-angle viewing, as long as your favourite team emerges as the winner.


So it checks out all the other required boxes that the smartphone seeker might look for in display technology? But how good is it in other departments of performance, speed and power?


The itel A46 mobile will also qualify as one of your best buys picks for big screen phones. Let’s see some other wonderful features present inside the itel A46. With 2GB RAM and 1.6 GHz Octa core processor, you can now do magical multitasking without any hang-ups – play your favourite games, keep listening to your best tracks, chat with friends, click pictures, and much more. itel mobile’s A46 will amaze you in every aspect with its speed and performance. And the Intelligent Dual Camera inside works like a charm. And with AI capability that is able to identify various scenarios and objects and automatically choose the optimal settings for the best picture quality.


With 0.1 sec fast fingerprint sensor matched with the 0.2 sec fast face unlock. You can secure your phone easily and make it truly yours. To get more details aout itel A46 click the link. These details will make the A46 a perfect choice for all your needs.

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With amazing bezel-less HD+ displays, itel big screen phones are equipped with all the features that, will make for a truly immersive and magical experience for you. You can feel the images, videos, and text come alive on your smartphone screen. With a crisp sharpness, great detail and vivid colour. itel’s vision has always been to offer the people budget-friendly. Yet the latest in mobile technology, that helps bridge all distances. And lets more and more people enjoy their social connections. And with the best displays present in their range. View everything in clear brightness and experience your best moments in full HD+ resolution. And we will keep these magical offers going on for you with our itel smartphones.

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