Stay Fit and in Good Health with the Magic of itel Fitband

Nowadays, taking good care of our health has become much more important than before. That is precisely why so many people are focusing more on their fitness and workouts. Just eating healthy and watching your weight will not do the trick anymore. Currently, a simple and essential way of keeping fit is to utilise technology that can help keep you on track to good health and in good shape. And itel has just the magical smart device that will motivate you improve your health and stay healthy – the itel IFB-11 Fitband. What’s even better, it can work seamlessly with your itel smartphone, like the itel Vision 1 mobile, and give you daily stats with great convenience.

The itel Fitband has all the latest features that will make it the perfect assistant for whatever training or exercise you might want to do. The clever gadget easily provides complete and accurate workout data with its all-day tracking, recording your steps, distance covered, calories burned, active minutes, and hourly activity, working actively in the background without requiring any inputs from you. Even when you have been sitting idle for too long, the smart Fitband from itel will gently vibrate, reminding you to get up, take a walk and be more active.

You can pair the Fitband easily with your itel Mobile and stay connected with the things that are important to you. The high-definition colour screen shows notifications of incoming calls, texts, and app notifications, so you don’t miss any important messages, especially when you are on the road to fitness. It also keeps a track of your sleep and sets alarm.

Want to go on a day-long trek with your friends? Have no charging troubles with the itel Fitband by your side. The advanced Power Saving technology gives it a long-lasting battery life (up to 20 days standby time) helping it keep up with all the places you want to explore.

And if you want to pump weights in the gym room or join an online workout class, itel has got all your needs covered there as well. The itel Fitband is IP67 Splash Resistant, so you can focus becoming the best version of yourself without worrying about the functionality of your smart device. itel IFB-11 is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and more. Moreover, after you’re exhausted from your day’s fitness regime, it can even track your sleep duration and consistency, and wake you up peacefully with a silent alarm so you can have a great start every day.

With many excellent features in a sleek and comfortable design, the itel IFB-11 Fitband will be your gateway to a healthy life. It can help you make the best of your workout sessions, track your health progress easily, and make your journey to fitness easier with magical ease. So don’t snooze that morning alarm, gear-up for the day’s challenges and put your whole effort into becoming a better and healthier version of yourself, knowing that the magic of itel smart gadgets has got your back.

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