Phones with big display – What should you choose Bezel-less, Pop up or Notch?

In India, the search for phones with big display is always on. The display has always been a preferred choice for smartphone buyers driving a number of innovations in the mobile display trends – bezel-less, pop out or notch. All are tactics to increase the screen size. Yet there is a lot of ambiguity in the consumer’s mind when it comes to different display types. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of these types to aid your purchase decision.

Display types in phones with big display




Consider bezels as the frame around your smartphone, everything except the screen. When these bezels are reduced to the thinnest to make room for extra screen size, the technology is known as the bezel-less display. This technology was a breakthrough in a market where consumers were already looking for phones with big display. This edge-to-edge design gives a sophisticated feel to the smartphone while increasing the screen size. However, the almost no-bezel design makes your smartphone extra sensitive to touch, thereby increasing the chances of tapping a button or scrolling the webpage with your palm.




The pop-up camera technology is a new consideration element as users look for mobiles with big display. In this format, the camera slides up from the top border of the smartphone leaving extra room for the screen. While it gives a sophisticated and elusive look to the phone, the downside of this technology is the requirement of strict maintenance. Even a slight carelessness (drop or hit) can damage the camera and increase your service centre visits.


Notch Display


A small cut out on the top of the screen which accommodates the front camera and sensors is termed as the notch display. Notches can be of different sizes. Along with notch, medium-notch or the waterdrop which is a circular area to accommodate the front camera.

The notch is designed in a way that it leaves room for important information such as battery power indicators, date and notification icons. While the long notch still takes a bit of area, the water drop display is an ideal way of accommodating only the front camera in an aesthetic manner. Research also suggests that the notch uses an unused area of the smartphone.




Therefore, your choice for phones with the big display is based on your daily routine and preferences. Our flagship product, itel Vision 1, comes with a waterdrop display (the classic notch display) for a bigger screen and enhanced viewing experience.


Since its inception, itel has been credited for bringing segment-first technology to India. With features such as Face Unlock in smartphones priced lower than 4K, Fingerprint Sensor and AI Dual Camera in the lower than 5K category and king voice (text to speech).


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