Optimise Phone Data On itel Phones With These 7 Apps


Packed with power-saving features & superb storage capacity, itel phones let you explore the world around you with complete freedom. But as you’re watching your movies, snapping pictures, or taking videos for social media, an annoying notification may just ruin your mood and activities:


‘Phone storage is low. Please free-up space now.’


You hate to see it. Whether your itel mobiles have 16GB or expandable 128GB of storage space, sorting through the mess of files inside your device is not easy work. You want to get back to watching the climax of that new movie on your big screen mobile from itel, but the notification alert won’t leave you alone!

Let us help you by listing out some great apps that can really help you save your time and effort on this daunting task. So you can keep carrying on with your entertainment and activities on your itel mobiles much easily.


Files by Google

Files by Google is a file management app that helps you free up space on your itel mobiles while taking only 12MB of storage space on your device. With smart cleaning tips and an option to back up your files to the cloud, it smartly analyses your phone storage and highlights the junk files, duplicate files, apps you have not used in a long time, and more. So, you can have a seamless experience on your big screen mobile from itel.

The neat design and easy-to-use interface make organizing your files much easier. And the search function is very convenient as well, letting you browse through your phone’s storage and rearrange, share and sort your downloaded/transferred files on your itel phones much easily.


Duplicate Media Remover

As the name suggests, this app is especially designed to remove duplicate content including audio, videos, images, other media and files. Duplicate content like this takes up double space for the same file, and over the time it can make your itel mobiles slower, affecting their overall performance.

This app can schedule scans and find all files between your folders that are not needed, suggesting removal wherever necessary and saving a lot of space inside your itel big battery phones. It even gives the cumulative statistics across all scans for your reference. It’s a big help in today’s time when you may have 3-4 copies of the same images on your itel device from many friends.


Solid Explorer File Manager

The Solid Explorer app contains all the required functions of a file manager with some great advanced features for those looking for a bit more in file management.

It is simple and quite easy to use for everyone, and it can find the percentage of space that big files and folders are taking up on your big screen mobile, whether on your SD card or the internal storage of your itel mobiles.

But more than that, it even lets you create password-protected ZIP collections of files to safeguard your private files. It’s a ‘Solid’ app that does its job well, and gives you that something extra alongside.


X-Plore File Manager

If you want to manage the thousands of files and sort them into neat piles on your itel mobiles easily, you’re going to love this one.

X-Plore File Manager is a great storage management app that has dual panes for easy organisation. So if you need to copy/paste your media files in-between folders or need to move folders completely, it will make your life so much easier. And the dual pane interface will be a piece of cake when you have the big screen mobile from itel as your companion.


All-In-One Toolbox

With a collection of basic yet supremely useful tools, All-In-One Toolbox has the handy tools that can tune-up your itel mobiles with a simple small-sized app.

Say goodbye to unnecessary and temporary files, wipe your cache and delete empty folders with complete ease. One tap is all you need to analyse your bulging storage space and find where space can be created.

Furthermore, the Boost function can help speed-up your itel device by exiting processes which are idle or taking up processing power. The CPU Cooler can automatically close background apps that are not needed and cool down your big screen mobile when you’re doing heavy work. There’s even a Boot Speedup function that can search list out apps that run when your device is starting up, disable unnecessary apps and make your phone boot up much quicker.

This one then truly is an All-in-One Toolbox.


Droid Optimizer

Thankfully, your itel phones give you a lot of power for all your needs. And you can enhance their performance even more by using Droid Optimizer, one of the best Android cleaner tools available on the play store.

With a simple interface that tells you all you need, it can ‘Accelerate, clean and optimise’ your device’s performance and free-up memory at a simple tap. Because more memory means more speed.

Apart from cleaning up clutter and unused files, you can also use Touch Speed Up and Auto Clean Up to remove that annoying folder which keeps cropping up repeatedly.

And it makes the whole experience more fun with a ranking system that rewards a tidy and clean device with fun ranks and funny pictures.


SD Maid

This app will take upon itself all your device’s digital clean-up duties. With a host of tools to help manage your files and apps, your big screen mobile will be zipping quickly in no time.

SD Maid System cleaning tool understands that your itel mobiles create files and directories every day about your phone’s performance and other activities. But not all of them are useful to you, and over time will take a lot of space.

It easily lets you remove remnants of deleted apps, safely delete those files that you will not need, and optimise any app databases that you regularly use.


Everyone’s pace of life will have to keep pace with technology, whatever role they are take. And with every technological improvement, everything is expected to be quicker and faster than before. So, while the power of your amazing itel phones will keep you going the whole day, it’s also important that your experience is smooth and seamless while you are taking on your tasks with passion. And that requires a bit of cleaning, organising, and sorting out once in a while.


Hopefully, these 7 useful apps will be a big help to those who carry all their media in one device but, like the rest of us, don’t get the time to clean-up the clutter inside.


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