Learn The Importance Of Digital Detox With itel Mobile!


Your itel mobile are your gateway to exploring magical opportunities and finding new things that excite you. And the internet is full of new media, apps, games, and technologies coming into our lives every single day; you would never see the end of them even if you tried.

But such an immersive experience right now may be harming our health without us really knowing about it. While being amazingly useful and productive tools, you may be getting too dependent on your smartphones, repeatedly checking your messages, mails, and juggling through the same media on multiple social media apps.

Some say they don’t want to feel left out over the latest news; that they have to keep up with the trends. We want to let you know of some signs that may indicate that you’re too hooked to your itel phones to notice, and how you can go around correcting them. Because taking better care of your ‘Digital well-being’ is supremely important in today’s age.


Raise your hands (virtually) if you can relate to the situations stated below:

  • You do your web surfing as a way to pass the time, much more than actually having a need to find something.
  • You compulsively watch videos, TV series or movies on your mobile phones, staying up till late at night (because there’s always something new to see).
  • Also, being stuck to your mobile screen and having long gaming sessions with your friends.
  • Spending much more time on social media than with those around you, scrolling endlessly to see more content while feeling disconnected from your friends and family.


We have all been guilty of a number of those things. But it’s important to understand the causes and effects of spending so much time on your device or the internet. Only then can we find a healthy balance that takes care of our health and digital well-being.

While being a good escape from the monotony of real life, spending a lot of time online could make you feel more lonely, depressed, and bored. A study from 2014 found a direct relation between people’s high social media time and feelings of depression and anxiety. Many people, especially young teenagers, get influenced hugely by what their friends and other people in the world may be doing on those platforms, leading to further disconnect when they switch off their screens.


You may be experiencing an information overload if you have a heavy usage history over many apps. In which case, your itel mobile would be constantly pinging you of new notifications, giving alerts over offers or game requests, and a whole lot more. You may think you’re getting better at multi-tasking as you switch from one to the other swiftly, but your attention span is gradually decreasing at the same time, diminishing your ability to focus on your work or tasks for long periods.


This could also lower your efficiency at work, while really heavy dependence on your smartphone may cause you to ignore important aspects of your life, like real-world relationships and your favourite activities.

And you can blame the lack of a restful sleep majorly on this as well, as smartphone addiction negatively affects your sleep pattern. As a result of which, your memory & recall, along with cognition and learning skills are also impacted.


So, we know your itel mobile are very dear to you. But excessive dependence on these devices is making you feel disconnected, more anxious in your everyday life and generally not your most productive self. Your digital well-being is having a direct influence over your overall health, mood and well-being.

So, how do we connect back to wholesome practices and find the right balance between our time online and offline? Fortunately, you can maintain good health in your online practices by disconnecting when you need to, and by practicing digital detox.


Digital detox does not mean completely detaching yourself from all forms of digital devices or social media platforms; that would be unrealistic in our information driven world.

We at itel mobile India understand the ill-effects of excessive tech use and care for our customers. Hence we’re listing out healthy practices you can use right now that will support your digital well-being and improve your quality of life. We need to identify and understand when we really have to use our itel mobile, against when we may be mindlessly scrolling to pass the time.


Understand the triggers that make you reach out for your smartphone in free time and find healthier alternatives to curb your screen time, which is a must. Why not read a book while coming back on the metro, as you may have already spent a long time in front of the screen at work. That new web series can wait till later.

Another important thing would be setting times and goals when you can use your smartphone; limiting use when you’re driving, working out in a gym, or having your meal would require some discipline at first, but you will feel more focused in time.


Set a time after which you won’t work on your laptop or watch videos on your itel mobile. A good time would be right before you get ready to sleep. The blue light from device screens can disrupt your sleep patterns, but by disconnecting regularly you will have a fully restful sleep and wake up in the morning full of energy and positivity.

Our excessive mobile addiction makes us restless and moody, so practicing meditation is a very good way to bring mindfulness back into your lifestyle. And meeting to chat with your friends, in-person should be prioritised over messaging them online. Your mood and behaviour will get the lift that helps build strong relationships with your near and dear ones.


You would also need to check your habit of repeatedly picking up your phone for notifications. If nothing urgent pops up, maybe checking your phone after every 20 minutes or so would make you more mindful of how easily that black mirror distracts you from your work or study.


Your itel phones let you manage your notifications better from distracting apps and even set up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, which reduces interruptions and takes care of your Digital well-being, while also ensuring that you don’t miss out on urgent calls.


Find those things that you wouldn’t want to miss out at all, and you’ll have a more joyful time relaxing when you’ve cleared the clutter.


In conclusion, we understand that today’s life is about being speedy and staying updated with the latest trends. And while multitasking on your itel mobile or spending a lot of time online is something being encouraged for developing greater skills at your workplace, one needs to be mindful of how much of that is your conscious choice, and how much may have become habitual. Rather than being bogged down by lethargy, mood swings or general restlessness and getting used to it, itel wants you to take good care of your digital well-being and find the balance which works for you.


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