#itelWithYouAlways – Because at itel, customers always come first!

The 24th of December is observed as the National Consumer Day every year to spread awareness about the importance practices that ‘you’, the consumer, should know of. The relevance of this day is to make consumers all over the country more aware of their rights and responsibilities.

And as everyone tries to adapt better to the pandemic environment, the buying behaviour of consumers has gradually shifted to the digital sphere, which has brought new challenges. But at itel mobile, we want to assure you that your needs and concerns are always our top priority, because #itelWithYouAlways.

No one expected the past year to be as disruptive as it was. Life after the pandemic completely flipped everyone’s routine and we had to get used to the new normal of life. It was at this point that itel mobile understood that maintaining good health and following better hygiene practices became everyone’s main priority.

And that’s precisely why itel Mobile launched a new itel-Fit series of feature phones, designed precisely to create more awareness about positive health and wellness among the masses. With the latest innovative features, the it2192 itel phone came with special sensors equipped inside to give our customers a better idea of their current heart condition.

The amazing it2192 itel phone has an in-built Heart Rate Monitor that lets consumers monitor the heart rate simply by placing their index finger on the sensor. Now they can easily check if they’re keeping good health, anytime and anywhere, from the comfort of their magical itel mobile.

And we know that in today’s environment, people have to be very mindful of their body temperature readings, as one of the most important pre-screening symptoms for detecting a positive COVID-19 infection is having a high fever. That is why we came out with another smart keypad itel phone – the itel-Fit Thermo edition – India’s first phone with temperature monitoring in entry segment.

With this brilliant new offering from itel mobile, people could be a little less apprehensive or worried about meeting new people and safeguard the good health of their family and themselves from their fingertips. And the whole process was made very easy, so that anyone could benefit from it. By simply placing your wrist or finger on the phone’s sensor and pressing the start button, one can easily measure anyone’s temperature and make sure that they don’t have a high fever.

In case they do, it’s seriously advised that they should quarantine themselves, follow safety protocols, and take the required medications for a safe recovery.

These two keypad mobile phones were designed specifically for people to take better care of their health. But there are more reasons on how itel mobile is thinking about their valued customers. KingVoice is an innovative text-to-speech feature that is exclusively available only on itel keypad mobile phone devices.

By giving more clarity and keeping in mind the needs of people in semi-urban and rural settings, itel mobile was able to bring more accessibility in a tough period. Now people could have more fun while hearing text messages. KingVoice could also sound-out phone numbers from text to speech, making the mobile experience more relevant in every corner.


We may take some time, as a whole, to get through this difficult time together. But we know that together, we can make magic happen. Because whatever the situation, we promise that #itelWithYouAlways.

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