itel Mobiles Lets You Up Your Selfie Game

Grab your itel Mobiles and let’s get snapping with some tips and tricks on how ‘You’ can click perfect selfies.

Right from the start, selfies became very popular, very quick. Earlier, you had to fumble around and try to face your camera the other way without knowing what you were actually clicking. But the front-facing camera made it fast and convenient to see your image – no wonder selfies form such an important part of pop culture nowadays.

And we know whether you’re at an event with your close friends, hanging at home with family, or documenting your moods through that road trip, you want to remember those moments for a long time.

But before we start-off educating you on the right settings and tips, you need to have a good camera first. And we’re here to tell you that you’ve come to the perfect place – because the selfie cameras inside itel India smartphones are the best in their segment.


Itel Mobiles 5 Best Selfie Tips


  1. Choosing the right background is a ‘must’ to take great selfies. Rather than a plain background, experiment with different settings, places, streets and find those settings that make you stand out from the crowd – your style will dictate your choice. Another very important aspect that you can’t ignore is lighting – natural sunlight makes your pictures much clearer. If you are taking selfies inside, having sunlight streaming in through a window can highlight your selfies beautifully without using filters. And speaking of filters, try not to over-edit your images. Taking images using the right techniques will look more natural.


  1. One technique most photographers use to make their selfies pop out is the ‘rule of thirds’. Rather than keeping your face centred, it draws the viewer’s eye into the whole composition. It’s a small rule that makes a big difference. And remember to play to your angles. You know, just like your favourite celebrities.


  1. Now let’s see how the magic happens using Vision 1 smartphone from itel India with its 5MP Big Pixel Selfie It lets you enhance your selfie experience to the next level, thanks to its 1.4µm Big Pixel Clarity that ensures your images come out bright and in good clarity. And the A48 smartphone from itel Mobiles also keeps your favourite memories in great colours with its smart 5MP Selfie Camera.


  1. But that’s not all. You can make every selfie picture-perfect, every time, with the AI Beauty Mode in the selfie cameras of itel Mobiles. It automatically beautifies your face so you can stay on top of your selfie game with perfect clicks. Add more fun by experimenting with AR stickers – make your selfies interesting and share your creations with creative and funny AR stickers like different hairstyles, 70s filters, and much more.


  1. So, there you are. It’s time to flaunt your unique style and showcase it to the whole world, with the magic of itel Mobiles by your side. Use our tips for bright and colourful selfies, share the fun with friends thanks to AR stickers and AI Beauty Mode, and let the great selfie cameras and itel India smartphones will take care of the rest.
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