itel Earpods: Your Magical Choice for Uninterrupted Music and Convenient Calling

Earpods are the latest rage for all the music lovers out there. If you prefer the comfort of wireless calling and music when you are walking across or working, then earpods are your best choice.  Accredited for bringing quality products to India at affordable prices, itel is introducing Earpods at an attractive price of 1699/-


In this blog, we list down 5 reasons why itel Earpods should be on the shopping list of every music lover:


  • Rich Audio Experience: The uniquely designed Earpods come with 13 mm sound drivers, that ensure balancing of deep low-end by lush mids and crystal-clear treble. It is also equipped with an advanced concealed sensor in both the earbuds, which allows the user to effortlessly answer the calls, and adjust the music.


  • Ultimate Comfort: The earbuds have been ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit for the smartphone user. The earbud understands every contour of your ear, and fits in snugly for unmatched comfort and continued pleasure of listening. There is no worry of tangling cables and any discomfort in your ears.


  • Easy Pairing & Touch Control: Connecting itel Earpods to your device is easy and user friendly. A window pops on your device when you go for Bluetooth pairing. After the initial setup, earbuds automatically connect to your device once removed from that case, while you can check the power status of the earbuds through a pop-up window. It is equipped with Micro USB charging and is housed with the latest Bluetooth version V5.0 for a stable connection. Control your volume, music, and calls, access voice assistant through force sensor technology built into both earbuds.


  • Power On-The-Go: itel TWS Earpods come with a massive battery of 35mAh that delivers 2.5 hours of music playtime and 3 hours of talk time in a go. They are coupled with an attractive portable charging case that boasts 500mAh battery that gives up to 35 hours of standby time and providing up to six multiple charges to the Wireless EarPods.


  • Service Offer: To make the consumer experience even more smooth, itel is offering a 12 months’ warranty on Earpods.


itel Earpods also offer low audio latency ensuring perfect sync between the audio and video with no risk of signal loss in your binge-watching. The new gadget adds to the wide portfolio of itel Smart Gadgets that include Wired and Bluetooth earphones, fitband, BT speaker and Wired Speaker. With earpods, itel wants to provide a quality product at budget-friendly prices to the discerning smartphone buyers of India.

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    Dear itel,I am a real music lover & I always love to listen all tipe of lovely songs,so yours all tipe of musical gadgets are very close to my heart,so thanks a lot.
    itel devices > That always blinks like a jual in you mind. itel devices > Always takes you one step ahead of all devices.

    I want to this earphones how to bye now

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