Best Keypad Phones For Everyday Use


While many consider buying feature phones or basic mobile for today’s need, itel brings you, best keypad mobile phone at an affordable price range. Keypad phones are more durable than the popular smartphones. And newer features are making them more attractive to many sets of people who prefer aa low-cost, functional way to stay connected with the world.

Without sensitive glass screens, a keypad phone is a simple solution that lasts a lot longer than smartphones of today. And it can be the perfect go-to for people who like things simple, or are more likely to drop their phone but want to save the costs of replacing.

Now let’s look at 3 best feature phones from itel with dynamic features that could be your next choice for best keypad phone.


With amazing features inside and a stylish look outside, Muzik 400 is one of the best keypad phone from itel that provides a good grip. Play your favourite music and make your style shine.

Pump up the speaker and experience rich and superior bass sound with the 115db Big Speaker which will blow your mind with its amazing 3D Stereo Sound. Specially made for the audiophiles who can’t live without their music.

And the 3000 mah battery with Super Battery Mode makes it the best keypad phone that will let you stay charged up the whole way, with an unbelievable 40hrs talk time and more than 2 months of standby music.

Feel the true colours pop out from the 6.1cm (2.4) big tft display and bright screen for the best visual experience ever on your keypad mobile phone. And illuminate the dark with the 11mm Super bright torch that will always light up your path.

And to top it off, it has sd card slot wit up to 2000 big phonebook and storage for 500 messages, with support for 8 regional Indian languages, bring Magic into your life with a wonderful and affordable keypad mobile phone today.


One of the best keypad phone from itel, the Magic 1 Core brings you an amazing experience that’s truly magical. It comes in a premium gradient colour option with a pleasing 3D curved screen for easy handling of phone. The keypad mobile phone brings much more ease with the assured service promise of a one-time screen replacement within 365 days, to get your broken screen replaced free of charge.

It also has a 1900 mah battery which is powered by the super battery mode which gives you 17.5* hours of non-stop talk time, with an incredible 346* hours of standby time (*Theoretical value in ideal conditions). So don’t let the charging cable leave you hanging. It will keep your hands full and ready for instant entertainment with the 10 preloaded games, from Tetris to Ninja Up for people of all ages.

With 9 regional input languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam – our Magic 1 Core supports all and is a great keypad phone that’s truly made for India. It also comes with the King Voice feature giving you hourly updates and reading out messages.


For the complete package that’s Big on battery life and will perfectly become your daily companion, itel presents the Power 110 keypad mobile phone. Stay in peak performance throughout the day with the durable 2500 mah battery inside the keypad mobile phone. With a talk time of 24 hours and 12 days* of long-lasting battery backup (Theoretical values in ideal conditions).

Light up your path to a magical tomorrow with the Big LED torch that lights up a wider area much more brightly, helping you travel on dark roads for better safety. And with a keypad mobile phone that offers multilingual support in 8 languages, choose from English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali and make your phone truly yours.

Get hourly updates easily in English or Hindi with The King Voice feature that makes knowing the time easier and more fun. It’s very comfortable in your pocket and looks stylish in one’s hand, and the auto call recorder makes it even more useful. With wireless fm radio and exciting preloaded games for any entertainment needs. Matched with 32GB expandable memory, it’s a great keypad mobile phone at an affordable price.

Feature phones are still loved by many today because of their easy usage and affordability. In a world dominated by smartphones, the range of keypad mobile phone from itel is a worthy choice with its all-round features that are perfect for those who like to live simply, yet stay magically connected with the world. 


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