6 Ways You May Be Damaging Your itel Phone And How To Avoid Them


You install an anti-virus program on your laptop or PC, but don’t think your itel phone need that same level of security. And that’s one of the biggest misconceptions present in the minds of hordes of people around the world, that your smartphone doesn’t need a layer of protection.

Downloading random apps or visiting unverified pages is a great way to make your itel phone ends up with malware inside. While the big battery inside itel phone lets you explore the inter webs with complete ease, you need to be wary of the many different ways you may be harming your mobile’s life and performance.

So, to safeguard your device against avoidable harm, here are 6 ways by which you may be harming the big battery of your itel mobile without you knowing it, and how you can avoid them.


Inadvertently installing Malware on your itel phone

Your friends may have sent a forward message or link to a site that you don’t know much about. But if you download random apps without doing your research, your device may be at risk of contracting malware.

You must, at all costs, avoid downloading mobile applications from third-party stores or visiting links where you don’t trust the website. Downloading an app like that could damage your itel mobiles, as they may contain viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, spyware, adware, and even ransomware. Only trust apps from play store, be mindful about what you put in your device, and what permissions you’re letting them have, and your phone’s performance will remain unaffected.


Keeping your itel phone to charge-up all night

We have all been guilty of this one.

Keeping your phone plugged in for some hours after a full charge may be alright, as devices limit the power being transferred to the Big Battery after it reaches 100%.

But leaving your phone to charge before you sleep and taking it off after getting up may be doing more harm than good. While charging, your itel mobiles generate excess heat, which is accelerated if you put it under the pillow or any place where the heat from the device cannot escape.

The Big Battery inside your itel mobile phones will be severely affected if you keep repeating this error, and you’ll see the performance dip before you can undo the damage. Be careful and don’t leave your itel mobiles on charge if it’s not needed.


Activities that make your itel phone overheat

Overheating is an avoidable but common way by which you may be harming your phone’s performance and the life of its Big Battery inside. By using it outdoors under strong sunlight, or playing a high-performance game (on optimum graphic settings) for a really long time, you may be causing your itel mobile to overheat often accidentally.

This is a big issue, as your itel devices will not perform at their best level because of this. This is one of the simplest ways, which if avoided, can prolong the battery life inside and keep your magical moments going for a long, long time.


Accidental dropping of your itel mobile

You wait excitedly for the latest itel smartphone to hit the market, already bookmarking cases and covers that can protect their sleek body. But even after securing them with the best (or most dashing) cases, but as they say – ‘accidents happen’.

It may happen to slip out of your pocket while you’re playing with your dog, getting knocked over from the sofa as you celebrate your team scoring a fantastic goal, or even happen as a result of your natural clumsiness (it’s alright, we’ve all been there).

While a shattered phone screen is bad enough, even if your device keeps working afterwards it may have damaged something inside your itel mobile (possibly its big battery) that is not visible immediately.

You can’t help the accidents, but being more mindful about your smartphone and its components is supremely important if you want to keep it working in mint condition for a long time.


Never letting your itel mobiles shut down

Just like we need a needed nap or a good night’s rest after a long day at work, our devices need some time off as well. If you don’t switch off your phones from time to time, it will have a detrimental effect on the performance of the Big Battery itel mobiles.

In those periods when you will not be using your device for a couple of hours, like in a movie or when you go to sleep, let them have the rest that they need. Your device may actually perform better than before, running more efficiently and with better speed once you switch it back on. Regularly following this practice will ensure that cache data is cleaned. So that you can keep grooving on your favourite music, or watching your team win in epic fashion, much more smoothly than before.


Maxing-out the storage of your itel mobiles

Your itel phone is your gateway to exploring all the wonderful media and opportunities that are present online. But before you know it, you may get the notifications saying: ‘Storage full, please clear data now’.

While this factor may not affect your phone directly, as the above-mentioned things may, it will definitely hurt your phone’s performance and reduce the efficiency of its big battery. Deleting apps and files that you don’t need and clearing browsing data will help your phone performing well and not leave you doing maths on your storage space.


Your itel mobiles come equipped with the latest magical features that will make your journey simply more amazing. But sometimes our lifestyle and certain practices may be accidentally harming their performance, causing them to lose their peak much earlier than necessary.

By avoiding the ways mentioned above, we can add more value to our devices and keep them running at their best performance for much longer.

Good luck with the tweaking and have a magical time with your itel mobiles.


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