Driving innovation in health with itel-Fit Series of keypad phones

As India recovers from the second wave of the pandemic, itel India has taken it upon itself to innovate and make the life of frontline workers better. itel-Fit Series of keypad phones is one such innovation that adds to the utility of a regular keypad phone with some unique health features. The series comprises of two itel mobile phones – itel it2192T (Thermo edition) and itel it2192 (Heart Rate edition). While one of them helps in checking body temperature, the other one helps to monitor heart rate on the go, proving beneficial in the early detection of symptoms.

At itel India, we have been leading with the philosophy of empowering people through technology and creating a difference. This series is a part of our commitment to India in the difficult times of the current crisis. These two itel keypad phones are developed considering the lifestyle of frontline workers who work ‘on-the-go. They have a need for temperature monitoring during their daily commute in case they start developing any symptoms.

Apart from these landmark features, the two itel mobile phones are also equipped with King Voice – innovative text to speech feature which reads out menus, messages, keypad numbers etc. in English and Hindi languages. Users can also communicate in the language of their choice with the support of 8 regional languages. Other features such as a 1000mAh battery, 32 GB expandable memory, auto call recorder and smart notification access makes it a complete package.

How to monitor your body temperature with it2192T? 

It is easy to use; just follow few simple instructions:

– Press the centre button with the temperature sign to enter the thermo mode.

– Place the itel mobile phone’s sensor on your wrist.

– Press the start button to capture the temperature reading.

– Result would be available in °C or °F as per your selection.

How to measure your Heart rate with it2192? 

– Enter Main Menu –> Extra –> “Heart Rate ” submenu

– To measure the Heart Rate, place the Index Finger on the sensor, covering the entire rim perfectly and then press start.

– Keep the finger till the timer goes to 100%.

– After the App shows 100%, you can remove the finger.

To ensure the accuracy of the test result using the respective itel mobile phones, we recommend that you keep some time interval between two consecutive tests. It takes only 10 seconds to do the test. In case the temperature reading/heart rate is above or below normal, you should seek immediate medical guidance and follow the safety protocols.

Your itel phones even let you listen to your temperature and heart rate readings, thanks to the superb King Voice feature. Safeguard the good health of your friends and family with greater convenience, thanks to the SAHI features of the itel mobile phones of the itel-Fit series.

itel India cares for you and promises to be with you, always. So, let’s stay fit, maintain good health for ourselves and our loved ones, and get through these difficult times together!