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Presenting itel Range of Smartphones

Presenting itel Range of TV

India’s most loved smartphone brand would now be creating magic in every home with itel TV. A step towards fulfilling our commitment to provide budget-friendly world-class products to our consumers in India. Bring home the magic of entertainment with wide range of itel TVs and watch your favorite content from the comfort of your homes. We bring to you, the latest and trendy features at magical prices.

I Series

  • I5514IE - 140cm (55), 4K UHD Smart TV
  • I4310IE - 109cm (43) 4K UHD Smart TV
  • I32101IE - 80cm (32) HD Ready Smart TV

Experience magic beyond entertainment with itel TV’s I Series Smart TVs. Frameless design with a metallic slim body, In-built stabilizer, Dolby Audio and A+ Grade Panels ensure no less than magical experience at your homes. I series itel TV comes with Intelligently designed UI of Smart OS 9.0 along with 2 App Stores and access to a world of smart apps.

A Series

  • A3210IE - 80cm(32) Soundbar LED TV

Experience magic in every home with itel TV’s A Series Soundbar LED TVs. Ultra-bright display with 16 Watt Speakers, In-built stabilizer and preloaded games.

C Series

  • C3210IE - 80cm(32) Internet TV with Youtube and 7 other apps

Comes with ultra slim bezels for seamless visual experience and metallic build quality for high durability. Dolby Audio with 20W Stereo sound for an unparalleled audio experience and built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. With OS 9.0, you get access to not one, but two App stores to download Games, Movies, Music, Cartoons, Social Media and much more. I5514IE will change your TV Viewing experience, forever.

Presenting itel Range of Smart Gadgets

itel ‘Smart Gadgets’ is built on the brand positioning of ‘Make Every Moment Magical’ for consumers by harping on the relevance, that it would make their day to day life complete without any interruptions. The portfolio of itel smart gadgets aims to fuel the aspirations of both aspirers and minimalist set of consumers by providing them with trendy and quality technology at an affordable bracket of price.


  • Powerbank : IPP-51, IPP-52, IPP-81
  • Car Mobile Charger : ICC-11
  • Mobile Charger : 50gi, ICI-41
  • Battery : BL-25, BL-5C
  • Charging Cable : ICD-21, ICD-25, ICD-26, ICD-27, ICD-28

With a rugged and scratch-resistant design, itel's Pocket-sized Power Bank is one of the most necessary mobile phone gadgets for today’s consumer. Also itel’s Mobile Charger, Batteries, Cables and Car chargers which are very durable and high temperature resistant, and secured by overcharge protection.


  • Truely Wireless Earphones : ITW-60
  • BT Earphones : IEB-52 Neckband, IEB-62 BT Earphone
  • BT Headset : IEB-31 BT Headset, IEB-32
  • Earphones : IEP 24, IEP-21, IEP-23

Music has a magical way of lifting our spirits up when we’re feeling down. The beautiful melodies can make a horrible day suddenly feel like not so bad. It can overcome the blues and spread a feeling of joy in everyone. itel wants to spread the magical cheer of music to everyone through fantastic range of Truly Wireless Earphones, BT earphones, Earphones and BT Headsets.


  • BT Speaker : IBS-10 BT Speakers
  • Wired Speaker : IAS-01

The itel Bluetooth speaker is compact, portable, and provides an unmatched experience to the listener. It contains dual speaker of 5W each within 1 unit thus making output as 10W and comes with stereo stabilization and 1500mAh battery. Also itel's Wired Speaker is your perfect partner to turn any place into a music station or a disco.

Smart Devices

  • itel IFB- 11

itel Fitband comes with HD color screen and 20 days long-lasting battery life. itel fitness tracker is a must-have when it comes to keeping a daily check on your calorie counts, footsteps, keeps a track of your sleeping time, etc. It’s your perfect partner to your workout, swimming and jogging sessions with IP67 splash resistant technology. itel Fitband helps you with notification alerts of calls, messages and WhatsApp.